Call of Duty Online

The famous video game company, Activision. announced that there will be a Call of Duty online version. This version will be available only at the Chinese market since it is the result of a partnership made by Activision and China’s Internet provider Tencent. The game will be totally free to download and to play. However, the game will provide its users with the possibility of purchasing things within the game. These things will be weapons and perks which are meant for true fans and will be purchased through a store that will be within the game.

Also, this version of one of the most famous video games ever made, will include standard mode and multiplayer mode. However, it will have a different story. The story will have something to do with new missions which are different from the original ones.  

This idea has a goal, also, to expand Call of Duty into the China market. China is a huge market when it comes to gaming. In fact, the China’s culture ministry has claimed that at least 150 million of the population plays video games on a daily basis.  

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